Jim de Remer, President


Tom Flesher,
Executive Vice President, CTO


Carol de Remer,
Vice President of Operations


For more than 20 years, E-Net Corporation is a leading provider of software solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery in complex and highly critical mainframe database environments. E-Net's flagship product, RRDF (Remote Recovery Data Facility), is utilized worldwide to support real-time remote journaling and database shadowing for the mission critical data of major money center banks and other large transaction-oriented enterprises.

E-Net's solutions address both recovery time and recovery point requirements, resolving three critical issues on the agenda of CIOs and contingency planning professionals worldwide: business continuity, continuous availability, and database replication.

As organizations increasingly rely on information technology for critical business functions, computer system downtime due to hardware and software failure or malicious damage costs businesses dearly due to lost customers and damaged reputations. E-Net's software enables business continuity by safeguarding real-time business transactions, while ensuring high availability. Remote transaction journaling using E-Net's RRDF provides business continuity by enabling use of a shadow database during system outages, while requiring no changes to business applications.

To major money center banks and other transaction-oriented enterprises, the phrase "continuous availability" means complete 24 x 7 operation, as loss of business transactions is no longer acceptable. In today's transaction-oriented online environment, few organizations can afford to allow their systems to be shut down for maintenance or any reason at any time. With E-Net's solution, a shadow database environment is created and automatically updated. When production systems require scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, RRDF enables a rapid switch to the shadow database. After systems maintenance is complete, updates are propagated back to the production database, and applications are switched back to normal operation with no business impact.

The proliferation of data throughout the enterprise drives increasing demand for complex business reports, ad hoc database queries, and sophisticated data analysis, which in turn creates significant pressure on centralized data environments. Through E-Net's shadow database update capability, corporations can satisfy demands for data analysis and offer data warehousing and data mining, while minimizing the performance impact on production systems.

E-Net is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, California. The Company was founded in 1984 by James de Remer and Thomas Flesher, who have continuously managed the company since inception. In addition to a direct sales force, E-Net enjoys distribution partnerships with IBM and major data recover service providers, such as Comdisco (Sungard). The Company also has technical/marketing partnerships in place with BMC Software, Computer Associates, and Software AG. E-Net boasts an impressive top-tier customer list with representation from the largest money center banks and major financial services companies.






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