IDMS Shadow Database Facility

E-NET2 is a highly cost-effective shadow database facility that permits a user to maintain a remote shadow IDMS database, working together with RRDF. E-NET2 can also be used on a stand-alone basis to maintain a local shadow database.
  • Continuously applies updates to the shadow database, using journal data transmitted by the RRDF Remote Recovery Database Facility.
  • Facilitates a transfer of processing to the shadow environment within seconds, delivering the highest possible level of availability to your user community.
  • Uses only a fraction of the computer resources required at the primary site.
  • Requires NO changes to application software.
  • Provides a distributed fault-tolerant capability which can be employed in a wide variety of scenarios, from hardware and software failure to major disasters.
  • Employs sophisticated buffering techniques, utilizing MVS Cross-Memory Services and advanced control and synchronization features to guarantee the integrity of the shadow database.
  • Is available under a license arrangement from E-Net and an annual maintenance agreement that includes upgrades and enhancements.

IDMS is a product and trademark of Computer Associates



E-NET2 Powerpoint Presentation (40k)

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