Data Compression Facility

E-NET7 is a data compression facility intended for use with RRDF and other E-Net software. E-Net 7 can typically reduce the quantity of data to 30% of its original size.

E-NET7 utilizes enhanced "Huffman" encoding techniques that perform a sophisticated bit-level compression tailored to the user's data stream. Because of the "scrambled" nature of the encoded data, the results may, in addition, satisfy security requirements.

E-NET7 will permit a user to save considerably on disk drives and communications lines. In fact, E-NET7 will typically pay for itself in a matter of months! Further, the compression techniques will not cause a significant increase in CPU time.

E-NET7 is available under a license arrangement from E-Net Corporation and an annual maintenance agreement that includes upgrades and enhancements.

The E-NET7 product utilizes the "PRESSTO" data compression software product which is the property of Ironwood Software, Inc., and is distributed under licensing agreement between E-Net and Ironwood Software.

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