Log Apply for CICS/VSAM is the first truly real-time replication solution for VSAM. Taking advantage of new features added to RRDF, Log Apply for CICS/VSAM is capable of applying changes to remote copies of critical VSAM files with sub-second latency end-to-end.

Log Apply for CICS/VSAM exploits a new RRDF Version 3 feature known as "RealTime Reformat" (RTR). RRDF captures VSAM-related logging (via interfaces with the MVS system logger) at a sending/production site and conveys these log blocks to a local or remote backup site in real-time. As it is received, log data is buffered in a series of dataspaces and is checked for sequence consistency before it is applied to the target VSAM file(s) using CICS transactions.

Switchover to the backup site can be very rapid, and the VSAM files can be used at any time on a read-only basis.

Following batch update episodes, remote VSAM files may refreshed using any appropriate remote copy or FTP facility. Refreshes are coordinated with the apply engine via the new VSAM Backup Synchronization (VBS) feature.

Log Apply for CICS/VSAM is available at additional charge and is licensed as a new RRDF "Feature module". Log Apply for CICS/VSAM requires RRDF Version 3 and certain PTFs be installed as prerequisites.


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