E-Net Announces EDR Feature to Exploit zIIPs and Reduce TCO

E-Net Corporation, developer of DB2 replication technology solutions, is pleased to announce availability of a new feature for its Enterprise Data Replicator® (EDR®) product that enables exploitation of IBM's System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP).

E-Net deployed early (beta) zIIP enablement code to selected customers. These customers report dramatic results in real-world high-volume DB2 replication configurations involving millions of online and batch transactions. One customer reported that virtually all the processes of the EDR log deconstruct component, which typically accounts for 30% of overall CPU consumption, is eligible for zIIP dispatching.

Working in partnership with IBM, E-Net is using a specialized Application Programming Interface (API) provided by IBM that enables selected workload to be run on zIIPs. Having completed sucessful beta-testing, E-Net is now pleased to offer a new feature called "EDR zIIP Enablement" as an option for EDR. This feature is now generally available.

Commenting about this feature, E-Net President & CEO Jim de Remer said: "The primary benefit for E-Net customers is a significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for EDR. We expect a typical customer to experience a reduction of 40-60% in billable CPU time, depending on a host of factors.We are proud to be in partnership with IBM to provide this capability completely in accord with IBM's policies."

EDR Product Development Manager Ken Marcum is the person primarily responsible for this enhancement. According to Ken, "E-Net's close partnership with IBM enabled us to expoit the zIIP engines in a manner totally appropriate for our EDR architecture. It's always a pleasure to do cutting-edge work and then witness dramatic results in the finished product. But the biggest pleasure is giving our customers the best replication solution available!"

Please contact E-Net Corporation for further information, or visit our web site at http://www.enet.com.

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