E-Net Announces Successful Customer Deployments of EDR™— Enterprise Data Replicator™

We are delighted to announce the latest news about E-Net's newest product: EDR. Two major customers have successfully deployed EDR for mission-critical business applications.

EDR (Enterprise Data Replicator) is E-Net's latest and most advanced replication product. Development began in 2003, beta-test and customer testing started in 2005, leading to General Availability in late 2006. EDR is currently deployed in production with key customers. It provides truly real-time peer-to-peer replication, initially for DB2 on the mainframe platform. The architecture is completely new, built with the experience of providing replication solutions via RRDF and Log Apply.

With the advent of DB2 for z/OS Version 8 (i.e. DB2 on the mainframe platform), IBM introduced significant new functionality requiring E-Net to confront a key set of questions: should the existing technology (RRDF and Log Apply) be enhanced and modified to support the new DB2 features, or is it appropriate to re-engineer the technology? E-Net determined that it was the right time to build a new product. EDR is that new product.

Major E-Net customers intend to push the envelope of large-scale mainframe-based homogeneous replication to the extreme in the coming years. This means reduction in the apply latency (the amount of time elapsed between an application update occurring at a source site until that update is applied at a target site). The new EDR architecture is fundamentally simpler from an external perspective, as all batch components have been eliminated. In addition, customers require peer-to-peer replication, where multiple data centers are each simultaneously providing read and update capability for transaction processing.

E-Net engaged with a small number of key customers in the design and development of EDR. These customers have deployed mission-critical applications using EDR. They report that EDR provides operational ease-of-use exceeding expectations! Also - resource consumption is far less than competing solutions. E-Net continues to enhance EDR with new features on a regular basis.

Our most recent enhancement is to exploit IBM's zIIP processors.

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