Today, information is no longer an intangible, it has become the ultimate asset.

Businesses are gathering, digesting and disbursing information more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Corporate information systems are no longer simple back-office number crunchers.  Available around the clock to customers through call centers and the omnipresent internet, these information systems have become the backbone and nerve center of today's corporations. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Distribution and Customer Service departments all rely on critical data from these systems.

But, what if your access to information was halted for a day, an hour, or even a minute?  How would you survive?  How would your customers react?  And, what would your competitors do?

Whether your data is traveling around the room or around the world, E-Net® solutions can protect it and its integrity. E-Net's patented technology captures database updates as they occur and immediately transmits them, usually through existing network connections, to a duplicate remote database.These replicated databases provide continuous availability to the information stored in them, regardless of any outage, planned or unplanned, that may occur at the primary database.

As we develop our software, we do not simply refer to industry methods and standards. We create them.

Our staff of innovative analysts and software engineers continually refines our RRDF product line to meet the changing needs and challenges of today's businesses. That is why more companies, worldwide, choose E-Net as their business continuity solution.


Since 1984, E-Net Corporation has ensured that financial institutions, government agencies, utilities and corporations around the globe, have access to their critical information resources, whenever, wherever and how ever they want them.
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